Q: You mention you have over 300 listings. Why don’t I see them all?
Landlords remove them after they are rented. The number displayed goes down as the year goes by. In August, September and October we have the most available.

Q: How do I preview properties?
It’s very easy only takes a few minutes and its free. One of our landlords will contact you to schedule showings, don’t forget to reference the property address when filling out the application.

Q: Now that I have seen the property and am ready to move forward what is the next step?
You will need complete a credit and background check, the cost is approximately 0-$20 per person (varies by landlord). We will need copies of your most recent form of income (pay-stubs, SSN, Housing Assistance, etc.) Copy of current ID, last 2 landlords contact info and terms of lease.

Q: Now that I have the owners approval and have passed a credit check, When can I move in?
You can take possession as soon as you sign a lease for at least 1 year and have put down the full deposit and firsts month rent. You will also be required to have the utilities turned on in your name before you can move in.

Q: When are rent payments due?
Rent payments vary by landlord, typically 1st of the month. There may be a 5 day grace period. If payments are not postmarked by the 5th of the month, the late fee that is stated on your lease will apply and is to be paid immediately.

How is rent paid?
All tenants are required to have payment in the form of money order or cashiers checks payable to your landlord. Please note at the bottom of the check, the address of the house you are renting, and the month for which the rent is paid. You can pay the rent by mailing your payment to your landlord.

Many students/parents like to pay rent for six months, the entire year or a few months at a time. For this option you can still mail your payment to the landlord and you will receive credit for your payment in full. Please indicate on the check, or an enclosed note,
the number of months that are being paid and the name of the renter.

Q: Should I invest in Renters Insurance?
We highly recommend that our renters invest in Renters Insurance. Your property’s insurance policy does not cover accidents that you are liable for or any of your personal belongings in the event of an emergency. Monthly rates range from only $4-$14. For more information, please call your insurance agent.

Q: How are the properties maintained?
We have a team of maintenance workers that we entrust with the care of the houses and other properties.  Please also reference if it is an emergency item or not and leave all your contact info and description of the issue and phone # to contact you at. Water leaks are considered VERY SERIOUS- please call our office line for immediate service.

Q: How are utilities paid for?
You are responsible for contacting the utility companies to have the utilities transferred into your name or the name of one of your house mates. You will save time and money if you contact the utility companies in advance. In order to do this you will need to set up your account FIRST with the utility companies at least 3 days before you move in. Please note: we will turn off all utilities no more than 3 days after your lease start-up date. To set up your accounts call the utility supplied by your landlord.

Student Rentals La Crosse is a lister of properties.  Landlords pay for their listing and this site and we market it for them.  When you inquire, you are corresponding with the landlord only and not with Student Rentals La Crosse.  We do not show listings.  The landlord will contact you to setup a schedule for showing the apartment.