Student Rentals La Crosse reached new single day record.

On Sep 22, 2021 we hit an all time 1 day record for users. On Sep 22 we had 534 students looking for student rentals reach our Web site. Students looking for leases for the following school year (2022-2023) reached an all time high single day traffic count.

How do we know the traffic has peaked for 2021? Tracking for the last six years, traffic peaks in the 3rd week of September every year. EVERY YEAR. Students come back to campus after Labor Day and immediately are looking for off-campus housing for the following school year.

Nobody told students to do this. Some landlord are not ready to advertise their properties yet. In fact landlords are still gathering information as to who is staying for the following year.

2021 Sep 22 – 534 visitors
2020 Sep 21 – 393 visitors
2019 Sep 19 – 441 visitors
2018 Sep 25 – 412 visitors
2017 Sep 26 – 366 visitors
2016 Sep 27 – 264 visitors

Landlords: If you want to reach the most students looking for off-campus housing, the first 3 weeks in September is the time to have your properties available. The early birds are the some of the best renters!

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